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Primary Care/ Family Medicine/ Community Medicine

Lunch Talk Lecture Series

The following are lectures that provide students, who are interested in a community medicine based career, exposure to a myriad of community medicine, leadership, and legislative interactive presentations.

Current and Future lecture series webcasts are listed below:

September 19, 2016 “Geriatric talk by Dr.Mosqueda”

October 13, 2016 Primary Care Payment Reform with Dr.Fish

November 14, 2016 “A Day in the Life of Primary Care Physician (FM, IM, Peds, Med/Peds, OB/GYN”)

January 5, 2017 Paying for Primary Care Career (Military, NHSC, Scholarship, Fin Aid

February 16, 2017 “Practice Models of Primary Care (Concierge, FQHC, Private, Public)

March 23, 2017 Trumpcare verses Obamacare and the Los Angeles Safety Net

April 11, 2017 Intersection of Public Health and Primary Care by Dr. Stacey Ludwig

May 3, 2017 Primary Care Advocacy 2017 – Dr. Jeremy Fish

Past lecture series webcasts are listed below:

October 15, 2015 “Paying for Primary Care Career”

December 9, 2015 “A Day in the Life of a Primary Care Physician

March 1,2016 McKibben 256 12-1pm Practice Models of Primary Care

April 7, 2016 McKibben 149 12-1pm NP , PA Supporting Physicians in Primary Care Care