University of Southern California

2nd year is really a continuation of first year.  Hopefully, now you have an idea how much time you have to dedicate to studying and academic pursuits, how much time you need for self-care and what time you have to pursue pediatric related projects.  Please refer to the 1st Year Overview above for ideas that are relevant for both first and second year students.


If you are interested in career advising, Keck has a whole website and center dedicated to helping students find a specialty they will love.  This can be a great resource no matter what specialty you are considering.  The career center resources can provide surveys to help focus your specialty interests as well as other useful tools, such as the AAMC career services. For more information, go to the Keck Career Center website.


If you are interested in pediatrics, consider focusing your RSP around a topic that is relevant towards this field.  An RSP will help you decide if pediatrics is right for you, build contacts within the pediatrics community and provide a great experience to talk about while on the interview trail.  For pediatrics, research experience is not essential, so if community involvement or teaching is more appealing to you, go right ahead and pursue those projects for your RSP. For more information, please visit the Dept. of Peds–Research.

–Overview written by Kelsey Richardson, Class of 2011, Peds