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1st Year OBGYN Overview

During first year, there is a lot of flexibility to…

OB/GYN Student Interest Group

Join this group of students interested in pursuing a career in OB/GYN, headed up by second year students and first year representatives. This group features lunchtime speaker series with faculty from LAC-USC on a wide variety of issues from cancer screening and awareness to family planning options and women’s health prevention. The interest group also participates in community service activities in the area (see below) and can be a good resource for pairing interested students with faculty mentors in OB/GYN. They also participate in community service activities in the area (see below) and can be a good resource for pairing interested students with faculty mentors in OB/GYN.

Community Service

Vagina Monologues

Consider joining the cast of Keck’s very own production of Eve Ensler’s the Vagina Monologues.  No previous acting experience is necessary and all women who audition will be casted. Students could also consider volunteering their time crafting baked goods and other assorted themed novelties to sell to KSOM classmates to raise money. Students’ time and energy goes to benefit both the charity chosen by Eve Ensler and the national V-Day organization as well as the local organization Violence Intervention Program (VIP). VIP serves as a refuge for women and children who have been victims of abuse, providing health care, daycare, and therapy on the Keck Health Science campus and local community.

Volunteering with LAC-USC OB/GYN Residency Program

Members of the OB/GYN SIG group participate in various activities coordinated by residents at he LA-County USC Medical Center. Past events have included a food and clothing drive benefiting the Downtown Women’s Center, as well as volunteering time at this center and various cancer walks (including City of Hope 5k Run/Walk for Breast Cancer).

American Medical Women’s Association

AMWA plans arts and crafts volunteer sessions with the children attending the program approximately monthly.


Consider contacting faculty members to get involved in research projects. Faculty are generally very welcoming to medical students, all that must be done is to break the ice with an email expressing your interest and a copy of your CV. Additionally, third year OB/GYN residents at LAC-USC do research projects and  medical students may also contact them to help with resident research efforts.  This can be a great option for the summer after first year, as there is a large span of time to devote to making progress with research projects.


Make use of the contacts OB/GYN SIG has to offer, as well as emailing faculty directly to ask for shadowing experiences. Many faculty are eager to teach students.

–Overview written by Priyanka Kadam, Class of 2012, OBGYN