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The RSP is a KSOM requirement completed during second year in which students can pursue a project in virtually any topic. It is an optimal time to pursue a subject related to one’s planned career pathway.

Resources for RSP in Women’s Health

Vagina Monologues

Participating as a director or member of the executive board is a worthwhile way to pursue community service as well as a leadership role. A number of projects can be created to explore various aspects of women’s health represented in the works of Eve Ensler, as well as the plight of the women at Violence Intervention Program. For more information on this activity, please see full description under “First Year”.

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles

Students can contact Planned Parenthood  for shadowing and women’s health clinical volunteer opportunities.


Students can contact the Primary Care Community Medicine Program for potential ob-gyn’s to shadow.

Dr. Raquel Arias is also a good resource for potential ob-gyn faculty mentors.


Although students tend to worry about the placement of the particular specialty they are interested in during the course of their third year, ultimately, it does not have a significant impact. For example, some students prefer to do their OB/GYN clerkship earlier on in the 3rd year to confirm their interest and to make connections with residents and faculty who can offer advice. Other students prefer to wait until later in third year, when they are more “seasoned” in patient care. Either approach can result in equal efficacy.  What is most important is for students to network, develop meaningful connections with potential mentors and get to know the specialty in ways that may not have been as accessible as a first or second year student.

For more information, please visit the OB/GYN Clerkship page located on the Clerkships tab.

–Overview written by Priyanka Kadam, Class of 2012, OBGYN