University of Southern California

There are a variety of ways KECK-USC alums can get involve helping to develop and foster the next generation of primary care doctors:

Become a Mentor

The Choose a Primary Care Career Mentor Program will provide medical students a “go-to” person in primary care/community medicine to ask questions about career development, life style, and other information regarding the field. Mentors and mentees will decide if they want to interact by phone, email, and/or in-person on a monthly, bi-monthly, and/or an as needed basis. The professional relationship dynamics will be decided between you and your mentee. Connect with Keck student interest groups to share your time and your wisdom. Consider connecting with Clerkships to offer services as preceptor. Contact Dr Reilly if you have any special experience or would like to speak at a lunchtime talk. If you have research ideas and wish to connect with medical student(s) please reach out to Dr Reilly with your ideas.

Community Medicine & Public Health Lecture Series Speaker

These monthly speaker series provide valuable exposure, information, and resources to students interested in the primary care fields and topics that affect it.

Primary Care Community Medicine Programs

You can participate, help develop and coordinate, volunteer your clinic for a shadowing or ICM experience, and much more. Please check out these programs and contact us to discuss how you can be involved in cultivating KECK-USC medical students, and promote and improve the field of primary care.