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Med-Peds is a shortened term for “Combined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics”.

Internal Medicine is a three year residency program leading to Board Certification in Internal Medicine. Pediatrics is also a three year residency program leading to Board Certification in Pediatrics. While there is no Med-Peds board, once a physician successfully completes a four year Med-Peds residency program they are eligible to complete the board certification exams in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Med-Peds programs are accredited by the ACGME and AOA as a combined program instead of separate accreditation in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

While Med-Peds residency provides exceptional training for Primary Care, Med-Peds training also leaves open the option of pursuing a subspecialty in either Internal Medicine or Pediatrics or both (e.g. Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Pulmonary/Critical Care, Women’s Health, Sports Medicine, etc). This allows over 20 fellowship possibilities for graduates as well as Primary Care and Hospitalist Medicine.

Note that while Med-Peds Primary Care training provides comprehensive primary care, it differs both structurally and philosophically from Family Medicine. A physician trained in Med-Peds can care for the newborn to the geriatric patient. Med-Peds prepares a physician well for private practice, academic medicine, hospitalist programs, and fellowships. Med-Peds is a versatile, exciting, and fulfilling career choice that we hope you will consider.

Faculty willing to assist with guidance on a career in med-peds;

Dr Stephanie Zia

Dr Mohammed Raad

Dr Tracey Samko

Med-peds Special Interest Group