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OBGYN Clerkship

OBGYN Contact Information

OBGYN Clerkship Office Hours 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Monday thru Friday

OBGYN Clerkship

USC Keck School of Medicine

2020 Zonal Avenue, IRD Building 228

Los Angeles, CA 90033

Tel: (323) 409-8847

Marc Incerpi, MD, OBGYN Clerkship Director

(323) 409-8847

Jennifer Israel, MD, OBGYN Associate Clerkship Director

(323) 409-8847

Margaret Avila, PhD, NP, APRN , Medical Student Educator, OBGYN Clerkship

(323) 409-8847

Margo Kennedy, CNM, MSN , Medical Student Educator, OBGYN Clerkship

(323) 409-8847

Virginia Bicad, OBGYN Clerkship Coordinator

(323) 409-8847

OBGYN Student Interest Group (OBGYN SIG)

The Ob/Gyn Student Interest Group (OB/GYN SIG) is a medical student organization for individuals interested in learning more about an area of medicine that incorporates everything from primary care and counseling to outpatient procedures and surgery. The following are just a few of the challenging yet rewarding aspects of the field:

For more information about USC-OBGYNSIG contact us at-