University of Southern California

During fourth year there are many selectives you can choose to help you gain primary care experience, or help you to make a decision between specialties. Some examples are listed below. All these and more can be found on Medoasis

Family Medicine
FM 402C – Integrative Medicine (KSOM)
FM 405C – Sports Medicine (Eisenhower)
FM 407E – Primary Care Extensivist Elective (KSOM)
FM 408E – Addiction Medicine (Kaiser + LACADA)
FM 409B – Primary Care College Health (USC UPC)
FM 410E – Primary Care Women’s Health (KSOM)
FM 411C – FM Outpatient (KSOM)
FM 412E – FM Inpatient (KSOM)
FM 413E – Geriatric Medicine (KSOM)

Internal Medicine
IM 401B – IM outpatient
IM 406B- IM Endocrine/Diabetes
IM 408B 409B IM Gastroenterology
IM 410B, 431B – IM Geriatrics
IM 418B, 419B 420B- IM pulmonary disease
IM 421B – IM rheumatology
IM 427B, 437B – IM Palliative Medicine
IM 429B – IM ambulatory medicine

Ob/Gyn 404C- Family centered obstetrics
Ob/Gyn 407C- Family planning

Pediatrics 400B- general pediatrics
Pediatrics 401B- pediatric sub-internship
Pediatrics 405B, 406B- GI/nutrition
Pediatrics 412B- pediatric pulmonology
Pediatrics 413B- pediatric rheumatology
Pediatrics 415B- adolescent medicine
Pediatrics 416B- child abuse
Pediatrics 423B- med-peds outpatient
Pediatrics 425C- community outreach
Pediatrics 431B- developmental and behavioral pediatrics