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Primary Care Initiative Programs

Primary Care/Family Medicine/Community Medicine Website
This site includes valuable information and links that allow students to explore a Primary Care career. Such helpful information include research opportunities, community resources, scholarship and loan options, family medicine professional organizations, fellowships, and summer and volunteer opportunities for first through fourth year medical students. In addition, students can contribute to a wiki providing the KECK-USC community with first-hand information about preceptor experiences.

Community Medicine & Public Health Lecture Series
This monthly speaker series at the KSOM provide students, who are interested in a community medicine based career, exposure to a myriad of community medicine, leadership and legislative interactive presentations.

For webcasts, please visit the Primary Care Initiative Lecture Series page.

Past lecture series included:

Hector Flores, M.D.
White Memorial Medical Center
Delivering Primary Care in a Community Clinic: Bridging the Gap
Burt Margolin
Former Member of the California Assembly and Chair of the Assembly Health Committee
Assessing the Prospect of the Federal Health Reform & How to Communicate with Policy Makers
Antronette K. Yancey, M.D., MPH
Professor in the Department of Health Services, UCLA School of Public Health, and Co-Director of the UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Equity
The Role of Physicians in Affecting the Health of Communities: The Case of Obesity in America
Bruce Hensel, M.D.
KNBC-Medical Correspondent
How Physicians Can Work with the Media to Improve the Health of Their Patients and the Community
Hector Flores, M.D.
White Memorial Medical Center
Chris Hiromura, M.D.
White Memorial Medical Center
Alicia Rugley, M.S.
USC Financial Aid
Speaker Panel:
Financing a Career in Primary Care
Kelly Jones, M.D.
Family Medicine
Alejandro Sanchez, M.D.
Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease and Global Health
Erica Shoemaker, M.D.
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Maureen Strohm, M.D.
Family Medicine, Preventative and Rehabilitative Medicine, Sports Medicine
Beth Jillian-Wang, M.D.
OB/GYN, Private Practice
Kelly Jones, M.D.
Family Medicine, Private Practice
Greg Robertson, M.D.\
Emergency and Internal Medicine
John Homan, M.D.
Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and Sports Medicine
Career Advisement & PCCMP Collaboration:
Primary Care Careers Panel
Gabriel Lopez, M.D.
Christian Schupp, M.D.
Glen Moore, M.D.
Dennis Wong, M.D.
Jeremiah Penn, M.D.
Kaiser Fontana Residency Program
FMIG & PCCMP Collaboration:
Sports Medicine & MSK Workshop

Introduction to Community Medicine (ICM) Focus Experience and Shadowing
The community-based focus experience is designed to introduce medical students to the challenges and rewards of community-based primary care by providing them with the opportunities to spend a day (or more for non-ICM shadowing opportunities) observing doctors and their medical staff, conducting patient histories and physical exams, among other learning experiences. Read more…

1st & 2nd Years Longitudinal Family/Community Medicine Experiences
Through a longitudinal shadowing/mentorship experience with a primary care provider in a community clinic, medical students will be exposed to a variety of aspects of community -based primary care over the course of their first two years of medical school. Such experiences include learning about the establishment of medical homes for low income families and individuals, chronic disease management, and public health, particularly the broader social determinants of health.

Geriatric Community Medicine Focus Experiences
This experience is designed to introduce medical students to community-based geriatric and ambulatory care through a day in an assisted living facility. Students are given practical education and opportunities to evaluate individual geriatric patients in their home, perform mental status exams and medication assessments, as well as safety and ADL/IADL assessments. Read more…

4th Year Community Medicine Selectives and Electives
The 4th year community medicine selectives and electives are designed to immerse the interested 4th year medical students into community health through a variety of experiences including patient contacts in a variety of community medicine venues, legislative opportunities, and working with members from a community medicine health care team. In addition, students will gain an understanding of billing, coding, and other economic parameters that sustain the viability of a community medicine clinic. Read more…

Community Preceptors & Family Medicine Clerkship Sites
There are multiple venues in which KECK-USC medical students can experience community-based medicine throughout their four years of medical school including inner city sites in Los Angeles, suburban and HMO sites, school, homeless and free clinics, rural health sites in California, Hawaii, Arkansas and Alaska, HIV sites, and a tribal health center. Read more…

Professional & Student Organizations
The Primary Career Community Medicine Program works with a variety of professional organizations and student groups including the Area Health Education Center (AHEC), California Academy of Family Physicians (CAFP), California Student Physicians for Healthcare Reform (CSPHR), Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG), Peds Student Interest Group (PedSIG), and Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG).
Read more…