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Primary Care Week 2012 Program:

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Primary Care Week 2011 Program:

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Primary Care Week 2011 Information


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“It was wonderful to see students from various universities and programs throughout the city come together with an interest in providing Primary Care to the Los Angeles community.   It was a pleasure talking to them about the work being done in AltaMed Clinics located in LA and Orange County.  AltaMed Health Services”

–       Dana Edler, PHR, Sr. Recruiter of AltaMed Health Services Corporation

“Got to hang out with a great group of people and learn from the gurus in primary care.”

–          Jennifer Encinas, CA Hospital Residency Program Coordinator

“What a great opportunity to network and share in the enthusiasm of Primary Care!”

–          LT Danielle K. Fischer, RN, CCRN, NC USN, Officer Recruiter of Navy Recruiting District

“I was very much encouraged to see the level of interest in primary care among the students and residents who participated in the event, and I am hopeful that the provisions of the Affordable Care Act will help to make primary care a more viable career choice.”

–          Gary Hlady, MD, MS, Regional Supervisor CAPT, US Public Health Service

“ We had a very enthusiastic group that toured the Venice Family Clinic. They were especially interested in the staff physicians’ personal journeys towards a career in serving the underserved.   We hope that they were inspired by their visit.”

–          Karen Lamp, MD, Medical Director of Venice Family Clinic

“The signature event for PCW at the California Endowment was outstanding!  A great way to network with other students, faculty and companies.  It was also exciting to see the Deans of 3 different medical schools answer tough questions about each institution’s commitment to Primary Care. As a student leader of the USC Family Medicine Interest Group, I strongly felt that our participation in the Foundation Circle both benefited our organization as well as the event as a whole.  Me and my co-leader were able to network and share information with other Primary Care-based organizations about best practices and the trends industry.  Additionally I felt that we were able to educate many pre-medical and first year medical students who came to our table about the scope of practice in Family Medicine and how it fits into Primary Care. ”

–          Kumiko E. Tanaka, MS2, USC Medical School

“As a future applicant to medical school and recent graduate in Health Promotion Studies from USC, I was highly motivated by Primary Care Week 2011 to continue a career in healthcare. From the encouraging panels of doctors speaking about funding medical school to the great need for primary care to the tours of non-profit clinics, Primary Care Week illustrated the true passion for patient-focused healthcare that physicians are esteemed to portray. This eventful week further secured my desire to pursue a career in primary care as well as provided me with many opportunities to volunteer in primary care as a pre-medical student.”

–          Lily Sheshebor, Pre-Med Student

“The combination of leadership, spokespeople, collaboration between friendly rival institutions as well as work with community clinics for Primary Care Week 2011 was in inspirational experience for students, residents, fellows and those of us already entrenched in primary care.  This is a shining example of the primary care resurgence being felt throughout the field that will ultimately benefit our entire healthcare system in a myriad of ways. “

–          Michael A. Rodríguez, MD, MPH, Professor and Vice Chair of Research,UCLA Department of Family Medicine

“It was very exciting to be a part of the PCW planning committee. What a pleasure to work with such inspiring and hard-working individuals! PCW is a phenomenal collaborative feat that is amazing in its own right. However, seeing the behind-the-scenes work and participating in its actualization made being a PCW participant that much more gratifying and empowering. Those who came to PCW events saw passion for primary care; those who helped to plan the events witnessed a fervent drive and dedication as well. Actively engaging in the planning of PCW has reinforced my desire to provide primary care for the underserved and has connected me with encouraging physicians who provide models of the kind of career I want to pursue.”

–          Michelle Wang, MS2, UCLA Medical School


Primary Care Week 2010 Program:

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Primary Care Week 2010 Information


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“Primary Care Week was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about different aspects of primary care, such as career paths, financial resources, and issues of Health Care Reform. It was also a great way to meet professionals working in primary care and be able to recieve advice, encouragement, and resources from them. I am looking forward to similar events about Primary Care in the future.”   -Caryn Brenn, MSI

“Primary Care week has been the most interesting, fun, and informational event I have attended since beginning medical school. Not only was I able to meet and connect with bright and fascinating professionals, but also gained more insight into what direction I want my career to head. I’m looking forward to next year’s event already!” – Rebecca Simon-Freeman, MSI

“Primary Care Week events provided me with a better understanding of the opportunities in primary care from private practice at Kaiser Permanente to care for the homeless at JWHC Institute. I gained a clearer view of the challenges facing primary care physicians, exploring topics such as the ethical considerations of electronic medical records. I would recommend Primary Care Week to anyone preparing for a career in medicine, regardless of specialty.”
-Arielle Sommer, MSI

“Primary care remains undervalued in large urban medical centers like ours, where the emphasis is on specialty and subspecialty care.  Since the 1970s when I dedicated several years of service as a primary care physician in a wide range of underserved locations – from Vietnam to the Amazon jungle to skid row in Los Angeles – I have remained dedicated to the belief that what the world of medicine needs most is better access to quality primary care.  This is even more true today than it was then. The first annual Primary Care Week was a strong step in the right direction.  I attended all of your sessions in the Aresty Auditorium and was impressed by the numbers of medical students and by the breadth of medical personnel in attendance.  Your presenters, including our Dean, made it quite clear that we do value primary care here at the Keck School of Medicine.  Primary Care Week is a great start toward increasing our presence, and toward addressing the needs of our communities.”—Allan Abbott, MD, Associate Dean for Curriculum, Keck School of Medicine

“As our country moves towards increased access to medical care for all Americans, the centrality of primary care is evident.  Yet, fewer medical students are choosing careers in primary care and academic medical centers which traditionally provide tertiary and quaternary care services frequently do not provide students sufficient exposure to satisfying careers in primary care.  The Primary Care Week co sponsored by Keck School of Medicine and Drew University provided our students and our academic community the opportunity to explore and celebrate primary care.  I participated in several events but for me the most satisfying was a panel discussion at JWCH homeless health clinic.  JWCH houses mental health services, social services,  medical services, and pharmacy in a coordinated system  under one roof.  This true medical home model is the desired future for our communities and has been modeled in the most difficult environment of healthcare to the homeless. “—Teresa Woehrle, MD, Introduction to Clinical Medicine (ICM) and Family Medicine Clerkship Program Director, Keck School of Medicine

“I can’t wait for next year’s Primary Care Week – this event was innovative, informative, and exciting. The speakers and seminars provided new perspectives on the field of primary care, shedding light on the changes that will soon occur within the field as a result of health-care reform. It reminded me why I hope to become a family physician.”
-Katherine Henry, USC Pre-Med

“I personally enjoyed every Primary Care Week event that I attended. The speakers were phenomenal and really laid out many innovative and thought provoking ideas in response to the many changes that are taking place in primary care thanks to the recent national health reform legislation. I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s series of talks.” – Alex Lau, MSII