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Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

“What draws me to Family Medicine and Primary Care in general is being able to impact health in a variety of hands on, proactive ways. Seeing patients, leading community organizations, policymaking, teaching, advocating, carrying out clinical research, and working with interdisciplinary teams—these are things I look forward to doing.  Because Family Medicine and Primary Care encompass a breadth of opportunities and address basic health needs, in the future practitioners of these fields will continue to use resources creatively to improve access to care and effect social change.”

—Kimberly Akemi DeQuattro, 2010 FMIG Vice-President

The FMIG or Family Medicine Interest Group is a student group on the KSOM campus which advocates for family medicine and allows interested students to explore a career in family medicine. Members are acquainted with various family medicine faculty and physicians from the community and KSOM through lectures, panels and workshops. Furthermore, many students express interest in a particular facet of family medicine such as obstetrics, sports medicine, teen health, etc. The FMIG gives the students an opportunity to explore these options through community service opportunities, mentorship opportunities and networking with FM residencies.

The FMIG allows the students to explore leadership opportunities within family medicine and maximize KSOM’s clinical experiences within family medicine. We hope to show our students the diversity and breadth of opportunities that are unique to a career in family medicine. The leadership changes annually.

What we do:

· Do your medical interests encompass a wide range of specialties?

· Would you enjoy working with people of all ages and backgrounds?

· Do you look forward to long-term patient relationships?

· Are family dynamics, cultures, and belief systems of interest to you in patient care?

· Are you interested in acting as an advocate, educator, advisor and doctor for a variety of patients?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Family Medicine is a field you should consider!  Family Medicine integrates a variety of clinical specialties including: Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, OB/GYN and Psychiatry.

We offer a number of exciting opportunities to acquaint students with what it means to be a Family Physician.  In the past, we have had some of our own Family Medicine faculty speak about their experiences in residency and beyond. We have also had community physicians speak about current political topics related to primary health care and local residency programs and requirements. In addition, we offer:

  • Shadowing local Family Physicians in both private practice and community clinic settings.
  • Clinical Skills workshops
  • Information sessions on residencies, combined programs, and fellowships.
  • Opportunities to work with service groups abroad and locally.
  • Information on summer internship opportunities (you could get paid to shadow a family practice doctor during the summer between Years 1 and 2).
  • Mentorship from fellow medical students, faculty, and Family Physicians

To learn more about this all-encompassing specialty, join the Family Medicine Interest Group- your on-campus resource for all family Medicine-related issues.  A 4-year membership to the American Academy of Family Physicians is now FREE, and you will receive a weekly issue of American Family Physician Journal.

Please feel free to visit the Family Medicine Interest Group website for more information.

Watch for FMIG events throughout the year!

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